NOP 38 / Our proposal

A new standard of living with each stone

Enjoy a renovated building and a higher standard of living!


* Strengthen the foundations of the building against earthquakes, in accordance with standard no. 413.

* Build a protected space (“mamad”) in each apartment, in accordance with the building lines.

* Build a sun balcony for each apartment, in accordance with the building lines.

* Renovate/add an elevator for the use of the residents.

* Interior design of the lobby, including installation of mailboxes, etc.

* Renovate and improve the building’s façade.

* Build fences, access paths and gardens, as part of the building’s environmental development.

* Renovate the joint sewage, water and electric infrastructure.

* Move or replace solar water heaters, as needed.

* Resurface the building with Jerusalem stone or restore the plaster, in accordance with the building’s area.



Address: 11, Kiryat Hamad’a,
Har Hotzvim, Jerusalem
P. O. Box 45113
Building: Amot House


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